In this video, we’re going to show Publishers and App and Game Developers how to quickly set up their accounts on the ctalyst ad network.



Set up your publisher account by entering your name, website and address.  This information must be entered correctly.  It is used for both taxation and payment purposes.

The business descriptions and keywords are used by ctalyst’s Artificial Intelligence to match ads, advertisers, gamers, and customers to your content.  This information helps us better understand how we can help you.  You can update this information at any time.

Your publisher and game tokens are secret and should be kept private. They’re unique to just your account.

When you’re ready to integrate ctalyst, simply click the Download Plugin button.


Banking and Payment Information

Your banking information is required for all payments and federal regulations requirements. Please ensure you’ve entered it correctly.  If you’ve entered it wrong or have made an error, be sure to correct it as soon as possible in order to prevent delays in receiving your payments.  The information entered here is stored and encrypted with PCI standards. We do not save credit card information on our ad network servers.

To reduce your costs, we recommend payments by check.


Adding an App or Game to the ctalyst® Ad Network

Let’s add your content to the ctalyst ad network.

Provide a unique name for your game, along with keywords and a description. The description will be publicly visible.

If your game is paid, please provide the price.

A main thumbnail is mandatory. You can upload 3 screenshots and a short video to promote your content.

We recommend videos no longer than 30 seconds in length.

Let ctalyst know the correct category for the app and which platforms it has been developed for.

If your app or game is paid, please provide us with the app store page addresses and valid coupon codes. We’ll review the content as part of the final approval process and will need the download code.

The ad ratings and content description is a fail-safe to help further ensure the ctalyst artificial intelligence matches ads and content appropriately.

Demographic targeting is used by the AI to help fine tune ad delivery.  As the AI learns more about the game and the players, the artificial intelligence will help you gain a better understanding of your users and app or game performance.

The ad inventory you select can be changed any time before the app has been approved and published.  You are allowed up to 20 of any one ad size.


3D Product Placements and Free 3D Models

3D product placements are a unique and interactive way to advertise within your content. We are constantly growing and improving our catalog.

You can add as many 3D product placements as you like.  They’re always free.


In-House Advertising – Free Advertising for You

In House campaigns are a unique way to advertise in your games or apps.  Use them to advertise your own content, levels, features, in-app store, or anything else you like….at no charge.

To add an in-house campaign, select the type of campaign you want to run.

Provide a campaign name, keywords and description and link the campaign to your app or game.  After clicking save and continue, you’ll be able to create or link an ad library.

The ad ratings and content descriptors here are relevant to the actual ad itself and not your app.  This is to make sure that your in-house ads are appropriate to the player or user.

Download the image kit or photoshop action from the dashboard, create your ads, and upload them in one simple drag-and-drop interface.

Because your ads are saved as a library, you can create, reuse, and repurpose your ads easily, quickly and at any time.

When you’re happy with your campaign, submit it for approval.  It’s really that easy.

The product placement catalog is updated regularly and you can download any and all of the game-ready models you’d like to use.  Or, you create your own models and make them available to advertisers around the world.


Analytics and Stats

Analytics and stats give you an overview of the performance of all of your games, or any one of your apps or games.

If you use the ctalyst user registration system, you can download your registered user information in convenient json format here.

You can change your account settings or view your earnings report at any time.

Using ctalyst is really this easy.


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