I’m not receiving Ads!

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

If your not receiving any ads, make sure that your Publisher Token, and Game ID have been filled out properly.  The plugin won’t work if you invert the fields and place the Publisher Id in the Content ID field by accident!

Why Am I not receiving ads token fields

Ensure the Publisher Token field is in fact your publisher token, and the game id, is the Game ID/Content ID provided to you on your ctalyst publisher account (API, Token & Banking > APIs & Tokens).

Ensure a material has been added to the object, an object without a material won’t be be able to serve ads!

Why am I not receiving ads material and textures

Double check that you have added this object to the list of objects from your Adhelper object, or main plugin SDK object.

Why am I not receiving ads adhandler object

Check out getting started to make sure you haven’t missed any steps!