Introduction to ctalyst® Player Login System

A player registration system is a great way to know your players better.  It’s also an excellent way to build a list of players who like your content and will want to download your new games, apps, updates and other items.

Use the ctalyst® Login plugin to make it convenient and handy for your gamers to login to their registered games and to interact with the rewards you would like to offer them.

Setting Up the ctalyst® Mobile Ad Network Unreal Engine Player Login System

Setting up a login menu with the ctalyst Unreal Engine plugin is really easy.

For this tutorial, you will need to successfully install the ctalyst Unreal Engine plugin.  You can watch the short tutorial on how to install ctalyst by clicking the link below.  You will also need to apply your unique Developer Token and Game ID.

Watch the ctalyst® Unreal Engine UE4 Plugin Installation Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll be demonstrating with an empty Level.  However, you can implement and use ctalyst at any time within your game development cycle.

Begin opening Windows Explorer and copying the LoginMenu folder to the Contents folder of your project’s root directory.  You can download the LoginMenu files from your developer dashboard.

Right-Click on the Unreal Project file and Click on Generate Visual Studio project files.  This will ensure that all dependencies are automatically updated.

Unreal Engine UE4 Project Settings

Open your Unreal Project.

From within the Content Browser window, navigate to the Login Menu Folder and open the Login Menu level.

From the World Settings window, select Game Mode, Game Mode Override and make sure LoginLevelGameMode is selected.

Open the LoginLevelHUD from within LoginMenu folder.  If the event graph is not already opened, you can open it now.

You will notice a node called Construct Node.  From the Class drop down option, select the LoginLevelWidget BP option.

Compile and save your project.

Because we have added a new level to the project, we must also add the ctalystSDK to the level as well.

From the Modes window, search for SDK.  Drag and drop the SDK Actor onto the Login Level.

The Login menu is now ready to be tested.

Testing the Player Login System

In order to test the login, you will need to provide an email address that you can verify.

A successful login will generate a “Login Successful” debug message in the top left corner of the game preview window.

You have now successfully setup the ctalyst registration system.

You can customize the login screen to match the natural and genuine look and feel of your games.