ctalyst® UE4 Plugin Introduction

In this tutorial, we are going to demonstrate how to set up the ctalyst® ad serving plugin within the Unreal Engine game development environment.

Note: This tutorial uses the Windows platform and makes reference to Windows file structures.  If you are using a Mac for Unreal Engine game development, the procedures are very similar and you should experience no difficulties installing the ctalyst mobile ad network plugin.

You’ll only need to install the plugin once.

Copying The Plugin to Your Unreal Project

Because the plugin is not available from within the Unreal Assets Store, you will first have to exit the UE editor and install the plugin from Windows.

From Windows Explorer, navigate to your UE4 project root directory.  If you don’t already have a Plugins folder, you can create one now.  It’s important to use a capitalized P in the folder name.

Download the plugin from your ctalyst® developer dashboard.  Unzip and copy the correct Unreal Engine version into your project Plugins folder.

You will need to refresh Visual Studio.  Do so by right-clicking the Unreal project file from within your Windows directory, select Generate Visual Studio Project Files.

Testing The Plugin

You can now open the Unreal Engine game development editor and open your game project.

If you installed the plugin correctly, Unreal will display a new plugin notification message in the bottom right corner of the screen.  To confirm the installation has succeeded, click the Manage New Plugin button

The installation can also be confirmed by click the Manage New Plugin button.  From the pop-up window, you will see that the ctalyst mobile ad network plugin has been installed and is enabled.

Unique Developer Token and Game ID

Add the ctalyst SDK actor into your level by dragging and dropping it from the Modes tab into your level window.  You can rename the SDK to ctalyst SDK in the World Outliner.

From within the ctalyst SDK Details window, copy and paste your unique developer’s token and game ID.  You can find your developer’s token and game ID by logging in to your ctalyst dashboard.

Now click the Plus Sign (+) to the right of the Ad Object List option to open the ctalyst ad editor.

It’s really that easy!