What is ctalyst®?

Creative Tool Set

ctalyst® is a tool set to develop integrate and monetize your apps across different platforms.  It allows you to get creative!  No longer do you have to worry about intrusive ads that render over your game and hard work.  ctalyst allows you to take control of the advertising experience, and enhance your game play rather than take away from it.

Monetize by Offering in Game and In World Rewards

Drive interactions in your game by embedding the advertising experience into your game from the ground up!  You have complete control.  Reward your players for levelling up in your games, for acquiring special items, for interacting in your game.

The interactions are defined by YOU, the developer.  Allow your creativity to flow, engage with your players, and offer real engaging ads and rewards that actually mean something to your audience.

Registeration System

Leverage ctalyst® to gain an understanding of your gamers and audience with the ctalyst® registration system.   Allows  you to track users that have logged in and are using your game.

In House Advertising

Use the ctalyst® In House Advertising feature set to cross promote and drive sales to your respective app stores.

Compatible with Other Networks

No need to ditch your current networks, or processes.  ctalyst® is extremely easy to integrate at any part of your development and plays well with others.