In this tutorial we will create an image library from our Publisher account.

From the Your Published Content quick button, select Add A New Image Library.

Give the Image Library a new and unique name.  Use this name as a way to describe the library in the future.

Adding Images

Select your pre-formatted and ready-to-go images, and drag and drop them onto the image drop zone.

Ctalyst will validate each image and will show whether the image is correct, in error, or missing on the right hand side of the display.

Any image size with a Red Star * is mandatory.  This is also outlined in the image preview section of the page.

Scroll through the image previews to ensure they are displaying as expected.  If any are in error, simply replace them by dragging and dropping the corrected images onto the image drop zone.

Click the upload button and verify.

The image library will now be available in your Image Library List.

From the Image Library List, you can edit a library, duplicate a library, or delete a library.

That’s it.  It’s really that easy!


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